'Fun with Excel' Full Mastery Course (Basic to Advanced Hands-on Course with Live Mentorship)

Master Excel quickly in a fun way to open new career options or grow fast in your career.​ We make learning Excel fun and exciting. I do not offer the regular boring Excel training course. What I offer are puzzles and games. Whether you are a beginner in Excel or an advanced Excel user, one thing is for sure: You are going to have fun solving these puzzles and playing these games! You also learn Excel along the way! See you on the course soon!

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Fun with Excel Full Mastery Course  

Learn how to use FULL power of MS Excel to achieve high performance & accuracy in your Job, grow fast in your career or Open new career paths

Faculty who has studied in IIM-Ahmedabad & NIT-Surat will be taking this course. 

For any questions, please send SMS / WhatsApp message on +91-8867236425 and I will call you back at a suitable time. If you prefer email, you can reach me on Kumar.BM@MLBrains.com .

Master Excel quickly in a fun way to open new career options or grow fast in your career.​


Do you know that most people only use 20% of MS Excel. 

After working in many corporates and start-ups in various countries, I realized that I can make a difference in many people's lives by teaching them the full power of Excel.

If you are looking to upgrade your skills and get a new job or switch to other career options during these times, you must join this course.

Join me for this fun online live Hands-on Excel course.

Full Course Syllabus is here: https://bit.ly/SyllabusFWEMast... 

 Here is what you'll learn:

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to Master Excel to become a key resource in your company
  • Learn the full power of Excel, the most popular Business Insights & Data Analysis Tool and get an early lead in your career
  • Hands-on MS Excel skills by solving fun puzzles.
  • Improve your Efficiency, Accuracy & Productivity
  • Impress your managers with attractive charts & dashboards. Get that salary raise that you want!
  • Open new career options like Data Science, Digital Marketing or Financial Analysis using the full power of Excel
  • Learn full details about our unique 'Fun with Excel' Course which makes learning fun & exciting
  • Save time by Automating repetitive Tasks with Excel Macros

Faculty Profile (LinkedIn):

Kumar B.M

Education: MBA from IIM Ahmedabad + Electronics Engineer from NIT Surat


Kumar is a Growth Marketer & Revenue Planner with over eighteen years of work experience in B2B and B2C companies / Start-ups in Marketing (Head of Marketing, Growth Hacking, Product Management) and Strategic & Revenue Planning.

He has worked closely with CMOs/CEOs of many companies and has made strategic & financial plans using Excel and other data analysis tools. He has been teaching courses on Excel & Networking to corporates & students across classrooms & Online. He believes in making learning a fun experience by using games & puzzles in his courses.

See you on the Fun with Excel Course!

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